Yoke Tuning a Compound Bow

Shown here is an example of correct string track off of idler wheel. No need to “Yoke Tune”

Yoke Tuning simply means the adjusting of the control cable, where it splits and forms a “Y”, in order to achieve a perfect path of movement of the bowstring during the shot. If you happen to be shooting a single cam bow such as those made by Mathews, then yoke tuning can have a major effect on how well your bow performs. When your bow is properly “yoke tuned” the string will track in a straight line as it launches the arrow; instead of coming off the idler wheel in a side ways fashion disrupting the arrows flight.

Check for Yoke Issues First

In order to yoke tune your bow, you must first determine if it is necessary to do so. This is a simple task and one that can determined without the use of hunting equipment.

Start by bringing the bow to full draw and anchoring as you normally would. Now, look up at the idler wheel and notice how the string is coming off of it. If the string is coming off of the idler wheel in a straight line, then yoke tuning is not needed. However, if the string appears to be tracking off the idler wheel towards one side or the other, you will need to yoke tune your bow to bring the string back to center.

The first step in yoke tuning is to press your bow.

Adjusting the Yoke

First, start by pressing the bow in order to relieve tension on the bowstring and control cable. Once tension is relieved, remove the yoke cable (looks like a Y) from the top axle pin of the bow.

Once it is removed, you can now twist or untwist each side of the yoke in order to achieve proper string alignment while at full draw. Start by giving each side 1 full twist in the desired direction, then reattach and do the other side. Lastly, inspect string alignment and repeat the process until you achieve proper trajectory coming off the idler wheel at full draw.

Note: If you twist one side to shorten it, you must untwist the other side to lengthen it. This will ensure that your bows ATA (axle to axle) measurement doesn’t change too much.

Twist or untwist the yoke cables to acheive  a proper tune.
If your bow string is not coming off your wheel in a straight line, you need to yoke tune.